What do you have to lose?

What if I told you that there is a God and there is evidence of His existence? What if I told you that God wants you to know He is not some made up pipe dream. That He actually wants to prove to you without a doubt that He is your God, that He loves […]

A Prayer for my Grandad.

Lord, Turn towards me and hear my prayer. Thank you for protecting my Grandfather today and always. Giving him health and wholeness that abounds forever. Thank you for giving him your own Holy Spirit that overflows with endless amounts of hope, courage, joy, peace, comfort, kindness, strength, health and love. Your healing power pours down […]

We are the Storm.

But the Lord is my God, He is with me and my people. We will take the promised land that is ours, failure was never an option. Conquer until the dream is fulfilled. Embrace the names of my foes. I’m a monster, control is within my lips. Deceit flows through my blood. No. In all […]

Jesus See’s the Inside First.

And Jesus seeing their faith said to the paralytic, “Son, your sins are forgiven.” -Mark 2:5 Quick question: Why does Jesus tell the paralytic that his sins are forgiven? This situation in Mark is strange, to say the least. First, Jesus’ initial response to the paralytic seems random. It’s almost as if he was not […]

Prayer for the Abandon. (Prayer Request)

Father, turn and hear this prayer for the one that feels excluded or alone in days of trial. The storms will come and indeed, some are here now. We know that even you bring the mighty storm at times. Yet, we thank you for your overflowing mercy and abundant grace. For you promised you would […]