Never too Late

These are my letters to our union. Seeking the knowledge of God. Humble and receptive to reproof. To gain insight and wisdom.

  • A high school dropout will earn $200,000 less than a high school graduate over his lifetime.
  • A high-school dropout is ineligible for 90% of jobs in America.

Let’s be honest, majority of people who drop out of high school either don’t go back, or it takes them years of dead end jobs to get them back to the classroom. I dropped out of high school myself. I didn’t get my diploma until I was 25. That’s EIGHT years after I was supposed to graduate. Though lots of people do end up coming back, you almost never see it in the fashion that Ashland did it.

That didn’t matter to her. The statistics said no, but she never even read the statistics. Her faith said yes, and the people around her agreed. Ashland got her diploma two days ago, at the age of 18. Literally graduating at the time you would normally graduate. She didn’t actually wait or waste time at all. This is the year she would have graduated.

To me, this is an awesome achievement and one you will rarely hear about. For that reason, to me she has defied the odds. As I have grown to know her, I know I can expect that this is just one of many odd defying moments in her life.

I am truly inspired by her. This was so much more than just getting her diploma. She had to fight silent battles that know one else could see. I saw her get attacked by people who she thought were her friends. Fingers wagged in her face, disrespect of a sort I am not used to. She stayed strong, and she didn’t let it stop her. She was silent, didn’t complain, and one thing I learned from Ashland is this: her secret weapon is fighting a silent fight. She prayed, and she truly put it in Gods hand.

I am proud of you Ashland and I love you. I can honestly say, that I couldn’t have done what you did under the same circumstances. That’s why you are the silent fighter. Maybe something I need to learn from you…lol. Congrats my gift.


Bobby ❤

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