Never too Late

These are my letters to our union. Seeking the knowledge of God. Humble and receptive to reproof. To gain insight and wisdom.

But the Lord is my God,
He is with me and my people.
We will take the promised land that is ours, failure was never an option.
Conquer until the dream is fulfilled.
Embrace the names of my foes.
I’m a monster, control is within my lips.
Deceit flows through my blood.


In all things, Christ has blessed me and my people. For Christ is my King, and I am his soldier. Apology is not choice. The guilt is not within me. The spirit that dwells will tackle my foes. The Lord will be victorious in all things.

Cat’s meow, snakes hiss. Snitches snitch. But cowards run. And they have run indeed. This is a call to arms. The Lord sees the cowardice of this generation. Stand for nothing and uphold senseless buildings. The soldiers are on the battlefield as you spew jealousy out of your mouths. The Lord has allowed you to reveal yourself. For the Lord is with me and my people. We will not falter.

My energy and strength comes from Christ and is ever-flowing. You will grow tired hanging on to your own while the storm is raging.

The raging storm. You should have been thunder.

The raging storm. You should have been lightening.

Yet you are drowning underneath. Fallen stars of disbelief. Sons of doubt.

But the Lord has mercy. More than any mistake has shame. The Lord will lift you from the waters. Give up and let yourselves float on the waters so the Lord may lift you above the storm into the battleground. Where the saints belong.

This is a call to arms, you are warriors unrealized. My God and savior is the source of the storm. Jesus is my king. He is also yours. Put on your armor of faith. Stop your cowardice fear. Believe and move forward lest you drown in your own pity. Fight for the good. Conquer your fear. Soften your hearts. The time for battle has come. Jesus has won. Don’t be on the wrong side when all is done.

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